CAIS++ (pronounced "case plus-plus") is a student organization that serves as the student branch of the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society (CAIS). Through our partnership with the USC School of Social Work, CAIS++ connects students across disciplines to promote the development A.I. applications for social good.

What We Do

Research for Social Good

Collaborate Across Disciplines

Make A.I Accessible

Our goal is to get engineering students involved in research for social good, and to drive innovative solutions to wicked problems in society. We encourage engineering students to move beyond a purely technical boundary and to follow up with Social Work presenters by collaborating on research projects.

Through general meetings with students from both the Viterbi school of Engineering and the School of Social Work, we strive to find ways in which Artificial Intelligence and Social Work - two seeminly different fields - can intersect and create an impact in the community surrounding USC.

While Artificial Intelligence has an amazing potential for social good, it unfortunately often evokes images of "Skynet" and computers taking over the world. Our aim is to raise awareness about the positive impacts of A.I. research through publicity like speaker events and presentations.

How To Get Involved

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